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Gray market iPhone battery is broken?

Gray market iPhone battery is broken?

Gray market iPhone battery is broken? Diy mobile phone shell design change or shell, change my iPhone battery washed-up, standby is less than a day, now I want to change the batteries, but if this cannot be removed, what should I do? Make it clear that my iPhone is gray. A: cell phone battery is in commonly used amount in two to three years will be a significant reduction, so the situation you met is normal. But for the iPhone, replace the battery is indeed a more vexed problem. In general, the best channel to the apple store to change, of course, but the price is more expensive, according to apple's official website offer may be to more than 700 yuan.

But it should be pointed out that, at present the apple China only is gauge drainage way within the hair selling iPhone battery replacement service, that is to say, the iPhone 3 gs and iPhone 4, in order to win a few, a better model or gray is no good. Gray-market iphones so that you can only returned to the original sales area for battery replacement, or to find a third-party merchants, in guangzhou, for example, big ShaDong many gray handsets for archives mouths can provide such services, but the battery is original couldn't guarantee, there is the risk. Or you beginning ability is strong, also can be in online shopping platform to buy batteries for DIY change, of course you also can buy a built-in extension of iPhone battery case, so you don't have to replace the iPhone battery itself.

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